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Have you noticed that more people than ever in our society seem to be going completely crazy?  And when I say crazy, I don’t mean it in a fun, non-threatening way.  All over the country, we are literally seeing people “go psycho” and commit some of the most heinous acts of violence imaginable.  It is almost as if we have all been transported into a game of “Grand Theft Auto” where people feel free to indulge their basest instincts.  In recent months I have repeatedly written about the fact that crime rates have been soaring, but it isn’t just the number of crimes that is alarming.  We are starting to see things happen in our streets that are so bizarre that it is difficult to believe that they are actually real.  In fact, many of them seem like they have been pulled right out of an extremely violent Hollywood movie.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  This weekend, a high speed robbery in Manhattan made headlines all over the globe

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Frightening footage shows the moment brazen thieves rammed a SUV on to the sidewalk and stole $20,000 in cash from its driver at gunpoint on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The dramatic scene shocked bystanders on Second Avenue between 91 and 92 streets around 4:40 pm Saturday, when two cars came speeding down the wrong side of the road against traffic, in an apparent high-speed chase.

The video clip captured by a bystander shows the car being driven by the victim, a Silver Toyota Rav-4, zooming down the avenue at high speeds, before it is overtaken by black Mercedes-Benz being driven by the assailants, which slams into the SUV.

Those three paragraphs do not really convey the true intensity of this incident.

To really grasp what happened, you have got to see the video.

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