Posted BY: Ted Noel

We’ve known for a long time that California is the land of fruits and nuts. Many of us have thought that it would be difficult for them become more insane. But recent actions by the Democrats in Sacramento lead us to understand that there is no limit to leftist insanity. And that shows that the same applies in D.C. As long as Democrats are in power, no one is safe.

The Solons of Sacramento have already passed regulations that will ban the sale of gasoline or diesel cars in thirteen years. But that’s not enough. In four years, over a third of all new cars sold will have to be electric. It doesn’t matter that electrics cost more than gas-powered cars. It just sounds so good and righteous. We’re going to clear all the pollution out of our air!

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Low end electric cars start at about $40,000, roughly twice the price of economy gasoline cars. Average EV prices run $63,000. With inflation approaching double digits and paychecks not keeping pace, one has to ask where less prosperous members of society will find transportation. California is big, and mass transit is pretty minimal, taking that option off the table for most. Fortunately, they would be able to purchase used cars. But with the new car market shrinking due to costs, the price of used cars would rise. And who says the California Air Resources Board won’t ban used cars as well?

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