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A body was found on Monday evening in the area that was cordoned off by law enforcement in Memphis amid the frantic search for missing mother-of-two Eliza Fletcher. 

Police have not confirmed that the body that was found is that of Fletcher. The missing billionaire heiress vanished while out for a jog around 4:30 am in Memphis. Monday’s discovery is around seven miles from where she was last seen. 

The area being searched is beside the Longview Gardens apartment complex, where kidnapping suspect Cleotha Abston’s brother, Mario, lives. 

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Just prior to the announcement of the discovery of human remains, a large Memphis Police Department mobile command unit truck was moved into area. Reporters who were covering the search were also asked to move further back from the scene. 

Photos from the scene showed a police helicopter circling above the search. 

Neighbors gathered around the crime scene, horrified. 

‘It’s emotional, it really hurts,’ April Jackson, 30, told at 7:30 pm, with the body yet to be removed.

‘That could have been anybody out jogging that morning, a student, anyone. ‘And he was just released two years ago for another abduction and he gets out and does it again,’ she said. 

‘It makes me sick.’ She was out yesterday offering to aid the search, when police and a bloodhound we’re out in the area, within a couple hundred yards of the body. 

On Sunday, a neighbor of Mario Abston’s told exclusively that she had seen the suspect at his brother’s house nearly every day for the last month. 

In the criminal complaint against Cleotha, witnesses were quoted as saying they saw the suspect at his brother’s home behaving strangely and washing the carpet of this 2013 GMC Terrain. 

A violent felon accused of snatching billionaire heiress Eliza Fletcher had stalked the area she went missing from while jogging for almost 30 minutes before her abduction.

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