Bloomberg notes, California officials sent an emergency text message around 5:45 warning approximately 525,000 homes and businesses that if they don’t conserve power immediately, ‘power interruptions may occur.’And down went energy demand…

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After a week of daily grid emergenciesCalifornia officials may have helped avoid widely-threatened rolling blackouts – which affected just 75,000 households across three counties – after Residents were told throughout the week (including Tuesdayto start conserving energy between 4pm and 9pm. And while Californians clearly responded to the warnings, it may have been an Emergency Alert text sent to more than half-a-million customers that finally avoided mass shutdowns yesterday.

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At approximately 3:20 Tuesday afternoon, system demand across the state hit an all-time high of 50.6K megawatts, which rose to 51.4K right before 4pm. Then, at approximately 4:15 p.m. local time, demand dipped – as Californians clearly reduced electricity usage, while solar customers with battery backups initiated automatic load shifting programs – running their homes off the battery instead of the grid (typically done daily to avoid the more expensive 4pm-9pm peak energy pricing).

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