Posted BY: Rick Fuentes

As the midterms approach, Joe Biden is accelerating his trademark attacks against Republicans-at-large and Trump voters in particular.  In his demented state, perceptions of conservatism as conventional political thought and ultra-MAGA as extremism are becoming increasingly indistinguishable.

For almost two years we have watched Biden make deliberate policy moves that advance socialist causes.  He has acted out of hatred towards his predecessor and the probable threat of his return to the ballot, then widening the net to include the ill-defined ultra-MAGA, then more generally to the Trump base, and now denounces anyone who votes Republican as semi-fascist. 

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Last week, Biden was the toast of progressive Philadelphia, a poster city for his administration’s destructive policies.  He cut the figure of an angry old demagogue, weighed down by his unpopularity but still a useful vassal for the Obama acolytes tugging harder and harder on the strings to keep him on his feet.  Pomp was provided by the President’s Own Marine Band, and he was carefully escorted to and from the podium by his wife, who has added memory care to the duties of a White House hostess. 

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