Posted BY: Clifford C. Nichols

Those that love this country, must also love the moral fiber upon which it was founded. 

From that truth, it must also be true that as a society, it is a duty of all Americans to remain vigilant to remove any strand of evil that has invaded our culture’s moral fabric — such as the corruption of our government institutions — before it is allowed to weaken and ultimately destroy the nation our founders designed. 

Although examples of such corruption now presently abound, few put on full display what’s at stake better than our government’s recent handling of the Ghislaine Maxwell matter. 

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Specifically, her case has set before us the question of whether we, as a people, are willingly turning a blind eye to our government’s complicity in protecting the anonymity of the powerful and elite among us whom our government knows to have participated in the sex trafficking of children. Or, will we take a stand and demand that our government reveal the identities of the criminal pedophiles that Epstein and Maxwell “serviced” for nearly 25 years and compel them to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes? 

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