An image of a bright star’s odd-shaped “rings” is the most recent mystery to come out of the super-powerful James Webb Space Telescope.

Posted BY: Vice

In the eight months since the James Webb Space Telescope launched on its mission to explore the earliest formations of our universe, it’s sent back mind-blowing photographs of mysterious structures, ancient galaxies, and dying stars. The JWST has 100 times the observational power of Hubble, and sometimes the images it captures outpace even our own understanding of space.

In a photograph of the star WR140, as pointed out by citizen scientist Judy Schmidt who reposted the image from the automated @JWSTPhotoBot on Twitter, a spiral of rings and rays fan out from the star’s bright white center. The rings aren’t perfectly circular but look more like rounded squares, and not even astronomers seem to know what to do with them.

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“I think it’s just nature doing something that is simple, but when we look at it from only one viewpoint it seems impossible, at first, to understand that it is a natural phenomenon,” Schmidt told, which reported on the bizarre image. “Why is it shaped the way it is? Why is it so regular?” 

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