Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

There is growing hand-wringing among the devil’s den in D.C. that the American people’s cratering confidence in the Department of Injustice and Fascist Bureau of Investigation will lead to absolute anarchy in the streets.  Considering both institutions have been vocal cheerleaders for Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terrorists and that Democrats’ war on police and support for open borders have succeeded in producing skyrocketing crime rates throughout the country without any pushback from Merrick Garland or Chris Wray, their mercurial concern for the rule of law seems grounded in nothing more than risible self-interest.  They don’t trust us!  Worse, they don’t fear us!  What if they learn not to obey?

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Here’s a truth that tens of millions of Americans understand: if the sweeping criminal enforcement arm of the federal Leviathan disappeared tomorrow, life for the vast majority of citizens would go unchanged.  It might even improve.  We are spoon-fed this Big Government fallacy from kindergarten on up that absolute chaos lurks behind every corner if not for the protections provided from our beneficent bureaucratic masters who maintain order and peace.  That’s absurd propaganda meant to keep Americans conditioned into accepting total government control.

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