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The disturbing news that there were ’35 FBI raids’ on Trump allies yesterday amid a nearly complete media blackout is even worse than we thought. A new Tucker Carlson report out Friday night puts that figure potentially even higher. Watch:

“The FBI has launched a full scale purge of supporters of Donald Trump,” Carlson said. “That would be Joe Biden’s likely opponent in the coming presidential election. And that purge has intensified significantly today.”

“So, Steve Bannon just said that yesterday alone, the FBI raided the homes of dozens of Trump allies,” Tucker continued. “We want to get to the bottom of this story so that on Charlie Kirk Show today, we’ve been trying to run it down ever since we reached out to Harmeet Dhillon, who says, she’s got some information on this. She’s managing partner of the Dhillon Law Group. Harmeet, thanks so much for coming on. What is the truth?”

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“Well, the truth is that a few days ago, a political reporter called several people and said, ‘Hey, have you heard, or have you been served yet?’ The FBI is going to be serving 50 approximately search warrants and or subpoenas on Trump supporters,” Dhillon replied. “And then, you know, within 24 hours of that, two of our clients, three of our clients, actually, did either get search warrants or subpoenas. And these subpoenas are extremely broad.”

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