Posted BY: Michael Austin, The Western Journal

The unelected operatives at President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice don’t seem to like the idea of impartial oversight. During the unprecedented FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago clubhouse in Florida, the FBI secured a series of supposedly classified documents.

Trump’s team claims the documents were declassified. Additionally, a motion filed by Trump’s attorneys on Aug. 22 argued that the DOJ could not be trusted, arguing that, because of this, an impartial “Special Master” needed to be appointed to look over the documents “to preserve the sanctity of executive communications and other privileged materials.”

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After Judge Aileen Cannon granted Trump’s request, authorizing the appointment of a special master, the DOJ filed for the motion to be “partially stayed,” arguing that the appointment of an impartial third party would cause “irreparable harm” to both the government and the public. Apparently, giving Trump a fair shake is harmful to the American people.

The ridiculous implications of the DOJ’s argument weren’t lost on the Trump team.

According to a countermotion filed by Trump’s team, such risks to the public and government are greatly exaggerated. In fact, the one party actually at risk of facing “irreparable harm” in this case is Trump himself if a special master is not appointed.

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