Posted BY: Deana Chadwell

Thinking — and doing it well — is tricky business. This is especially true if by “thinking” you mean eventually arriving at the truth. In order to do so one must have reliable facts and terms, some understanding of the rules of logic, and, most importantly a clear understanding of how one thing differs from another. Unfortunately, we seem to be losing any ability to do that. I don’t know if this lack of specificity and discrimination has been trained into us via propaganda and indoctrination, or if we’ve just become lazy and don’t want to bother. One way or another we no longer practice the 3 Ds of thought: discernment, differentiation, and distinction.

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Most surprising is our inability to discern the differences between male and female. One would think that one would be easy, but not so. A recent study showed that nearly a quarter of those canvassed thought it possible for a man to give birth. Well, the studies hedge a great deal and say that “anyone who has a uterus and ovaries” can give birth. I thought a woman was a person with such organs. Silly me, since sex is determined by our DNA, by our chromosomal arrangements — XX or XY.  That can’t be changed with either surgery or hormones. Our bones will still be what they are; the Adam’s apple will remain, the thinking styles won’t change. But few understand that in today’s world.

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