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For years during the late 80s and early 90s the British Isles seems to have been menaced by these shapes and sounds, with the reports often being branded as UFOs.

It is believed however some of the reports may have been glimpses of a long rumoured 5,000mph hypersonic US spy plane known as the “Aurora”.

And in a stroke of extraordinary luck, one of the most compelling accounts of the “black triangle” sightings came from highly trained aircraft spotter Chris Gibson.

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He was working on the oil rig Galveston Key in August 1989 and was a trained member of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC), a civil defense unit set up to track and report aircraft over Britain.

And when his pal called him out onto the deck to look up into the sky, he witnessed the mysterious aircraft – something he had never seen before and has never seen again.

“I had no idea what this thing was,” Gibson told The Sun Online, speaking to us almost exactly 32 years to the day of his sighting over the North Sea around 60 miles off the coast of Norfolk.

“The guy I was working with went out on deck – probably to have a cup of tea or something – and he came straight back in and says ‘Chris, come and have a look at this’.”

“We went outside and he pointed up, I looked up – and he said ‘what’s going on there?’.”

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