Posted BY: The Right Scoop

Chuck Todd has settled on an excuse he’s happy with for having a completely different reaction to migrants arriving unannounced in Martha’s Vineyard than he has for migrants arriving unannounced in Texas. IT’S A LITERAL ISLAND.

The 50 migrant volunteers who opted to accept transport from the peninsula of Florida to the island of Martha’s Vineyard are being mistreated just like during the Holocaust, according to the media and Democrats speaking once more in a single voice. And Chuck Todd, one of their favorite whipping boys, has decided to try and curry favor and attention by claiming that the ritzy burg is merely a “literal island” and therefore it’s “inhumane” for Gov. DeSantis to provide free airfare for migrants to go there.


I mean, I’ll give him this. I wouldn’t want to go rub shoulders with a bunch of Martha’s Vineyard liberal snobs, personally. And I think once they heard my accent they’d be asking me whose mansion renovations I’m supposed to be doing the drywall for.

But I’m gonna go on a limb here that’s not exactly what ol’ Chuckie is getting at.

So his argument is that a locale needs to have the resources to deal with immigrants before just letting them waltz in? He’s saying that overwhelming a system with a massive influx of new people with no legal status, no residence, no health insurance, and no jobs is … bad?

WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?????? IT IS??????????????

Oh if only those cruel Texas towns that aren’t at all overwhelmed had volunteered to take Florida’s migrant overflow!

OH DARN. Surely Chuck Todd will speak for Del Rio, now, too! Right??

Yeah right.