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There’s a reason people like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have been extremely successful and become flush with abundance while espousing rhetoric about “diversity” and “equity.” They prey on the anxiety, desperation, and “hopium” of people who have been indoctrinated into believing the system is inherently oppressive. What the elites among the radical left don’t tell their adoring fans is that THEY are the ones who make the system appear to be oppressive for the sake of pure political expediency.

People who are desperate will cling to those who offer ludicrous solutions even if they are the ones who created the problems in the first place.

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Not all Democrats appreciate the direction of their party. They may not come out and say it out of fear of being canceled, but they know very well that the Martha’s Vineyard incident is not the exception. It’s the rule. The radical leftist elites of Martha’s Vineyard welcome all illegal aliens to anywhere in the nation as long as it’s not on their island. This is modern Democrat ideology in a nutshell.

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