Posted BY: C.S. Boddie

Biden’s rhetoric is driving families apart across our nation as his policies devastate families. 

Part of Biden’s schtick as a politician is that he is a “concerned grandfather” for the nation.  This is just a show.  While our dear leader freely lets us know how deeply concerned he is about his own family, it is apparent that he doesn’t really care what his words and policies do to other families.  

Have you ever heard Biden mention the fentanyl crisis that has devastated so many American families?

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No.  In fact, we have no idea whether Biden and his administration are even aware that over 100,000 Americans died of fentanyl poisoning last year. Biden and his representatives keep stating that the southern border of the USA is secure.  The administration turns a blind eye to the truth that Biden’s wide-open southern border allows the cartels to ship millions across, who bring fentanyl with them. 

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