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(Natural News) Covid “vaccines” were unleashed under Operation Warp Speed and widely distributed for a full year before the Israeli government decided to look at any of the safety data, according to shocking new revelations.

Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of public services at Israel’s Health Ministry, upon learning that the shots were deadly a full year in, sat on that information until now as millions upon millions of people rolled up their sleeves for injection. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage about covid jab deception in Israel).

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Alroy-Preis is part of a cohort that deliberately withheld the truth about Fauci Flu shots from the public, all the while lying to the public about how “safe and effective” they supposedly are.

We are not talking about mild side effects like injection site swelling, by the way. Serious, long-term health problems were identified very early on in conjunction with the jabs, including neurological damage with no apparent end.

These side effects were also established in follow-up research as being causal, meaning Israeli authorities knew the shots were responsible for them. And yet they pushed them anyway because, quite frankly, there was and still is a lot of money to be made from the operation.

“This is something no one else had been able to establish before,” wrote Steve Kirsch in an in-depth assessment of what has been uncovered – it is definitely worth a read.

“They don’t know how serious the harm is because they only looked at the data for the top five categories. Cardiovascular was #6. So they have only looked at a fraction of the data.

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