The three asteroids, 2022 SC1, 2022 SW1 and 2022 SH, are small but each barreling at high speeds. One of them is set to pass the Earth at under 700,000 kilometers away.

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Three asteroids are set to pass by the Earth on Tuesday, September 20, one of which is the size of a bridge and the other two being twice the lengths of a London bus, according to NASA’s asteroid tracker. Though they likely won’t impact the planet, one of these asteroids is still coming noticeably closer than average.

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Which asteroid is coming towards Earth?

The three asteroids in question have been designated 2022 SC1, 2022 SW1 and 2022 SH, according to the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The three asteroids are relatively small, with the first estimated to be as much as 43 meters in diameter, while the other two asteroids are both 18 meters wide at most.

How big is the asteroid coming towards Earth in 2022?

Asteroid 2022 SC1 is considerably larger than the other two and has an estimated width ranging from 19 meters to 43 meters.

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