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Comedian Tim Allen (aka Toolman Tim Taylor) cracked a joke about Joe Biden’s performance on 60 Minutes this past Sunday and the far-left lunatics went crazy.

Biden was on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening and it ended up a trainwreck as expected.  Biden shared that those people who disapprove of him are psychologically unable to be happy.

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Of course, not liking Biden has nothing to do with him stealing the 2020 Election, destroying the US economy, giving the Taliban billions in Afghanistan and the lives of 13 soldiers in the last minute of his surrender, and calling the millions who voted for President Trump in record numbers terrorists.

Biden even frustrated his own Administration in what he said about the China-Taiwan conflict showing they have no idea what they are talking about there either.

It’s no wonder that comedians are cracking jokes about Biden.

Tim the Toolman cracked a very funny joke after Biden’s horrible performance on 60 Minutes.

The far-left idiots and bots on Twitter couldn’t take it.

That “joke” has been around about different people for nearly as long as “60 Minutes” has aired, Tim. How long has it been since you had any new material or anyone laughed at something you wrote?

— Jeanie (@jeanie31199) September 20, 2022

Home run Tim Allen…

The left is so frustrated because it’s true. Biden has no idea what time it is or where he is at. He couldn’t even make it to the Queen’s funeral on time. Everyone knows Biden is totally corrupt and lost.