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Progressive Democrat Stacey Abrams (D-Ga) is being called out for claiming there is “no such thing “as a six week heartbeat,” insisting that it is just a “manufactured sound” made so that men can control women’s bodies. 

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” Abrams claimed, adding “it is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Abrams recently admitted that she supports a “no limits” on abortion, believing that it is morally okay for a woman to abort a baby up until the time of birth. 

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The woke gubernatorial candidate has been publicly open about her pro-life stance. As I reported earlier, Abrams bashed Republican states who placed a six-week ban on the procedure, insisting that there should be no time frame of when a woman can abort an unborn’s life. 

“there should not be a limit… the limit should not be made by politicians who don’t understand basic biology or, apparently, basic morality,” Abrams said. 

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