Posted BY: Carole Hornsby Haynes

I began watching the funeral service of Queen Elizabeth II at 4:00 a.m.  It was an event filled with emotion and so many traditions from Western Civilization over the centuries.  It was also a poignant reminder that, with the death of the queen, we have lost one of our last connections to that great civilization that gave us law, order, general liberty, culture, and our Christian heritage.

During the 10-day mourning period, tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets; yet, there was only respectful silence and enthusiastic cheering for the queen.  When a rabble rouser tried to disrupt, he was told to “shut up.” 

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This is in stark contrast to our own nation, where radical leftists are allowed to intimidate, punish, and even murder other Americans.  It’s conservatives who are told to “shut up.”  Michael Harris, “cultural critic,” wrote that the “’woke’ attack on the deceased queen is actually a good thing” because it furthers Critical Race Theory and reminds us that America had slaves.  He failed to note the legacy of the British lies in the fact that, everywhere they ruled, slavery was eventually abolished — including America — literacy rates improved, railroads were built, and elites were educated at universities.

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