Posted BY: Mark Schwendau

I always thought it would be interesting to be a historian, and this job would be particularly interesting right now. A good historian must be politically neutral to be viewed as legitimate. You would also have to figure out what form of measure you would use to determine whether a seated U.S. president was being effective or ineffective. While I am no historian, two matrices one could imagine using are two of the things humans value the most; Human life and cash money. Because I value life more than money, I would assess Joe Biden’s greatest failure by lives lost.

Most historians would probably agree that the first lives lost on Biden’s watch were in the Afghanistan withdrawal. The August 2021 attack was one of the deadliest days for American forces in the past decade of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, as 13 lives were needlessly lost. It took place days ahead of President Trump’s previously planned full withdrawal from the country that had been overtaken days earlier by the Taliban.

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Of course, the Biden administration was quick to blame former President Trump, but even Trump has said he would have never given up the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan as it is such a short distance from China.  The Biden administration spent zero time reading Trump’s notes. Fans of Trump can imagine any equipment and weapons Trump would have left behind in Afghanistan would not have added up to billions of dollars.

The few left behind probably would have been used as a trap to attack the Taliban one last time with cruise missiles as they attempted to take over their newfound cache of equipment.  Yeah, Joe Biden and General Mark Miley never thought of that.

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