Posted BY: Brian Parsons

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a trojan horse.  Derived from Greek mythology, the trojan horse was a giant wooden horse constructed by the Greeks and rolled to the gates of Troy as a concession of defeat during the Trojan War.  Unbeknownst to the people of Troy, the Greeks had filled the giant wooden horse with an elite force of soldiers.  Under the cover of darkness, this elite force slipped out of the horse and opened the gates to the city, allowing the Greeks to launch a full assault from within while the people of Troy slept.

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Today, we often refer to trojan horses in software terms.  In this instance, a trojan horse is a piece of malware that we unwittingly but willingly bring into our computers and devices that wreaks havoc on them from within.  Similarly, we willingly adopt harmful policies and ideas dressed in a sanitized package with the best intentions, only for those ideas and policies to corrupt us from the inside.

Our political class understands the trojan horse concept well, and they understand that Americans are particularly susceptible to it.  Americans are good people at heart, and this leaves the population subject to being taken advantage of.  Many proponents of those policies which we most fiercely oppose often believe that the ideas they espouse will lead to a better future, and we all want a better future.  We disagree on how it is we arrive there and what a better future looks like, and the political class is all too eager to promote those ideas that best perpetuate their influence.

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