Tehran has expressed “regret” over Kiev’s decision to expel its ambassador over alleged drone deliveries to Russia

Posted BY: RT

Iran “regrets” Ukraine’s decision to expel the country’s envoy and will make an “appropriate response,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said on Saturday. Kyiv has accused Tehran of supplying attack drones to Russia, calling the alleged deliveries “an unfriendly act that deals a serious blow to Ukraine-Iran relations.”

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Tehran has remained neutral in the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv, Kanani stated, adding that it hopes for a “peaceful settlement” of the hostilities. Iran said Kyiv’s decision was made under the influence of “propaganda” from foreign media and “unconfirmed reports.”

Ukraine revoked the accreditation of Tehran’s ambassador in Kyiv on Friday, pledging to “significantly reduce” the number of Iran’s diplomatic staff at the country’s embassy.

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