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Public health experts, including one of Anthony Fauci’s own scientists, are warning that federal COVID policy may cause imminent harm.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases staff scientist Margery Smelkinson, a two-time “merit award recipient,” called on the administration to end the official COVID public health emergency, which threatens resources for monkeypox and polio response by giving hospitals a 20% Medicare bump for each COVID-positive patient.

“This bolus of payments might help explain why all the large urban hospital systems we checked and the vast majority of smaller systems were still COVID testing all patients,” Smelkinson and Oregon Health and Sciences University instructor Leslie Bienen, who trains undergraduates to become scientific researchers, wrote in a Detroit Free Press op-ed.

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Testing can also be a moneymaker for hospitals, which are now “full of people who are there for non-COVID reasons but cannot be discharged to rehab or skilled nursing facilities because of their positive test,” they wrote. The federal emergency props up “pointless but harmful” restrictions by state and local governments as well.

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