Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Joe Biden hosted a conference on Wednesday morning focusing on hunger, nutrition, and health. According to Forbes, this was the first by the White House since 1969 when President Richard Nixon influenced the U.S. food policy agenda for 50 years.

Today everyone is fatter than ever.

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As expected, Joe Biden was a complete embarrassment today like he is most days.

Biden mumbled, slurred, and stumbled through his mention of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack from Iowa. Vilsack was mayor of Mount Pleasant and later Governor of Iowa before working for Barack Obama in 2009.

He is now Joe Biden’s Secretary of Agriculture.

Joe Biden: You heard from Senator, Secretary Vilsack. Senator, excuse me, I… (incoherent mumbling)… All kidding aside, he’s doing a hell of a job.

Via The Post Millennial.