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In recent weeks, some of you may have noticed a series of advertisements running on cable news networks in particular, sponsored by some supporters of the Democratic Party. They feature a series of “Thank Joe Biden” themes, primarily highlighting the hilariously named Inflation Reduction Act and claiming that Biden’s actions have been “lowering prices” while encouraging people to donate to elect more Democrats. But are people really falling for this?

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Have you noticed prices getting any lower? The White House Press Secretary keeps saying that gas prices are coming down thanks to Democratic policies. It’s true that gas prices did dip for a while over the summer, but anyone who has had to fill up their tanks recently already knows all too well that the trend was short-lived. This is particularly true in California, where gas prices have now once again risen every day for more than a month. CBS Los Angeles certainly noticed and this week they set the record straight. The reality is that gas prices in the Los Angeles area are once again threatening to break the record levels that were set as recently as June of this year.

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