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The deterioration of Portland under Democrat control is apparently a mere laughing matter to Mayor Ted Wheeler when a voter reminded him of rampant vagrancy, open-air drug markets, and general squalor and violence in the city.

Gillian Rose says she moved to Portland from the east coast because she want to reside in a “more progressive” city, but she got more, or less, than she bargained for.

During a public comment period, Rose Zoomed into a city council meeting and said, in part, “stop wasting our money and destroying our beautiful city, and please start being leaders.”

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Implying that big-spending city bureaucrats are enabling the homeless crisis, she also declared, “I’m angry, and I’m sad, and I’m fed up, and I’m so sick of having politicians pander to a woke agenda that’s been nothing short of an epic failure.”

A seemingly out-of-touch or dismissive Wheeler fond amusing the description of the downward spiral in the quality of life, as well as the lack of public safety, for law-abiding citizens is a big joke.

He responded, with a chuckle, “Thank you; you’ve made your point emphatically clear. Thank you for being here and sharing your perspective; we do appreciate it.”

Watch and draw your own conclusions:

“When he laughed, it kind of just proved my point. It was really insulting actually and painful to hear,” Rose told Portland CBS affiliate KOIN 6.

Although this comment does not seem to be included in the video clip above, in a form of poetic justice perhaps, Rose also reportedly said that “Portland has become the laughing stock of the country; it really has,” according to the Daily Mail.

Among other things, Rose also told the politicians that “My friend is a realtor who just recently lost a deal because a homeless camp popped up in front of a house the clients were about to buy…are you going to subsidize that loss for him?”

Wheeler has yet to respond to media requests for comment.