Robby Mook’s Harvard project was “civil society collaborator” in consortium that targeted news organizations, members of Congress for purported election misinformation.

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

The Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign manager who helped spread one of the most impactful disinformation campaigns in American electoral history was also involved in the federally backed censorship machine against purported election misinformation during the 2020 campaign.

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Robby Mook cofounded the Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P) at Harvard University’s Belfer Center in 2017 and remained a senior fellow there through the 2020 election, becoming a Belfer Center senior fellow in summer 2021. He’s also an adjunct lecturer in the Harvard Kennedy School.

D3P participated in the Election Integrity Partnership, a private consortium founded “in consultation” with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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