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“Drag queens” have made their way into every area of life – from schools to libraries, and now even churches.

One pastor is facing massive backlash after it was discovered he invited a man dressed as a “drag queen” to preach a sermon to children.

And once you hear the pastor’s reason for exposing these innocent children to such debauchery – you are bound to be horrified.

To start – it is truly a dark day in our nation when a preacher invites a “drag queen” onto church grounds and puts him at the pulpit to preach the Gospel to children.

Imagine how confusing it is for a young child to see a man dressed in women’s clothing… AND preaching the Gospel – as if God says this lifestyle is okay.

But United Methodist Church senior church pastor Andy Oliver invited a “drag queen” who goes by the name “Penny Cost” to deliver a children’s sermon at his church.

And what was his reasoning?

Oliver claims he wanted to send the message that all people can be called by God to preach the Gospel.

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