Posted BY: Patty McMurray

100 Percent Fed Up Exclusive – A Michigan resident received an application to register to vote by mail. The return address on the envelope reveals that the MI Democrat Party ( paid to send the application.  So far, except for the objection many voters have to third parties sending applications to register to vote by mail, everything seems fairly normal—right?

Here’s a photo of the envelope: (We’ve hidden the name and address on the envelope to protect the identity of the individual who returned the envelope to his local city clerk’s office.)

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Inside the envelope, an invitation (see photo below) from the Center for Voter Information to register to vote by mail can be found addressed to “Dear Ruby.”

But scrawled across the invitation by the MI Democratic Party to register to vote by mail is a message (likely from a Democrat since it was sent by the MI Democratic Party) or at least an angry person who doesn’t care for members of the Republican Party.

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