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GOP leadership in Macomb County, Michigan, is launching a new political talk show after a failed coup attempted to oust their party’s executive committee earlier this year. The first episode of The Inside Track was posted Friday on the Blue Water Healthy Living website.

Mark Forton, chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, and vice chair Lisa Mankiewicz co-host the broadcast. They describe it as an effort to inform voters about the political action committees and lobbyists who are running government “behind the scenes.”

Election-integrity specialists pinpoint Macomb County as a hotspot of 2020 election fraud in Michigan. The Concerned Citizens Initiative discovered anomalies to account for 974,917 fraudulent votes in the county, more than six times the margin that gave the entire state to Biden.

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Michigan is also home to Detroit’s TCF Center (now known as Huntington Place), where the state Bureau of Elections set up its ballot-counting center that year. Mankiewicz says she was there as a certified poll challenger along with Kristina Karamo, the current Trump-endorsed Republican candidate for secretary of state. They witnessed the same evidence of election fraud reported by many of their Republican counterparts: numerous photocopied ballots all marked for Joe Biden; ballots of unregistered voters accepted and counted; and pizza boxes taped to windows to prevent Republican election challengers from seeing what was happening inside the center after they had been illegally locked out and prevented from doing their jobs.

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