Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The leaders in the Mainstream Media are beginning to realize that their lies are no longer working and Americans are fed up with these lies and the lies of the Biden Administration.  

The New York Times on Sunday shared its concerns that GOP is focused on candidates in Texas in areas that were traditionally Democrat:

The crowd — awash in boots and red-white-and-blue accessories — is in high spirits, fueled by sliders, guac and chips, and margaritas. A mariachi band waits in the wings for the grand finale. Onstage, Ms. Flores, whose surprise victory in a special election in June made her the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley in the U.S. House since 1871, gives a shout-out to the local candidates working for the crowd. “Elections at the local level matter just as much,” she tells those assembled. “I need you to vote Republican from top to bottom. Every election matters,” she stresses. “Their election matters just as much as mine.”

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She is not wrong. And Democrats would be wise to start freaking out a little more about the Republican Party’s growing focus on local races in its quest to transform the political landscape of South Texas…

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