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Payouts for Covid vaccine injuries are set to explode by more than 80 times to nearly $77 million, budget papers reveal.

Payouts for Covid-19 vaccine injuries are set to explode more than 80-fold to nearly $77 million by July next year, Tuesday’s budget papers reveal.

The figure was quietly buried in the Services Australia portfolio budget statement, in a table detailing third-party payments from the agency “on behalf of other entities”.

Services Australia administers the scheme for the Health Department.

The table reveals that in 2021-22, the Covid vaccine claims scheme paid out just $937,000 — which would work out to about 47 people if they each received the maximum tier-one amount of $20,000.

But in 2022-23, that amount is estimated to blow out to $76.9 million, equating to 3845 tier-one claims.

A spokesman for Services Australia was unable to provide any further detail on the payouts, such as the number or size of claims.

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The compensation scheme, which is currently scheduled to end on April 17, 2024, allows Australians to claim for medical costs, lost wages or other expenses if they suffer an adverse reaction to a Covid vaccine.

Vaccine claims scheme payouts estimated to increase to $76.9 million in 2022-23.
Vaccine claims scheme payouts are estimated to increase to $76.9 million in 2022-23.

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