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A dancer testifying in a Los Angeles court against former mega-producer Harvey Weinstein said the ex-mogul forced himself on her in a hotel room and masturbated onto her breasts after ripping off her top and bra.

The woman, known only as Ashley M., instantly became tearful as she told the courtroom how Weinstein had sexually assaulted her and demanded that she give him a ‘naked massage,’ like the ones Gwyneth Paltrow had previously provided.

Ashley M. told the court she was 22 years old when she met Weinstein on the set of his movie ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ in Puerto Rico, in which she had a job dancing for the lead couple.

She told the jury that Weinstein took her to a hotel during a meal break on set where he ripped off her clothes and straddled her before masturbating onto her naked body.

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Ashley M. described her frame as a sleight, weighing only 110-115 pounds, which made it easy for the larger Weinstein to pin her beneath him. 

Weinstein is currently on trial in the city over which he formerly maintained an iron grasp. He is charged with rape and sexual assault.

Close to sobbing, the woman testified that the former Miramax head told her ‘it would just be a naked massage…and not to worry about it.’

‘He said, ‘Look at Gwyneth Paltrow and what it did for her career,” she said. 

She told the jury: ‘He just said ‘it’s OK, it’s not like we’re having sex.”  

Describing what happened after Weinstein had finished, she said: ‘I was just really thankful that I wasn’t raped. I remember thinking and I remember wiping off just getting dressed really fast and leaving really fast.’

Ashley M said that she had been ‘freaked out’ after meeting Weinstein on the movie set but the presence of and reassurance of his assistant, Bonnie Hung, convinced her it was OK to go with him to his hotel. 

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