Voters give the nod to Republicans to tackle inflation, even as Biden claims the GOP would make the economy worse.

Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Voters continue to trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle economic issues, according to recent polling, despite President Biden warning, in what he dubbed his “closing argument” ahead of the midterm elections, that GOP policies would worsen inflation and the broader economy.

The striking gap between Biden’s rhetoric and voters’ thinking comes as inflation continues to soar at its fastest rate in four decades and pollsters project a strong showing for Republicans on Election Day.

Many Democrats campaigning for the midterms had been focusing primarily on abortion, an issue on which polling indicates they enjoy greater support than the economy. But Biden himself pivoted hard over the last week toward economic issues. Delivering to the Democratic faithful his “closing argument about what we need to do … to make a victory assured,” the president framed the election as a stark choice between two different visions for the country.

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