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All the things that have happened since 2020 happened so that those who were sleeping and thought the Democrats love America could see them for what they really are. The Democratic Party hates America! There is no doubt about it now! Help is on the way!

Lying Jackel Biden wants the American people to believe that he won the 2020 election and President Trump is a threat to America. Fraud Biden wants you to think that Trump is a part of Dark forces that wants power and to destroy America. Anyone that’s been paying attention knows that everything Biden said in his speech was really referring to what his fraud admin has done to America ever since they stole the 2020 election. Remember everything this puppet of Obama said in his speech when you go vote on the 8th. Remember everything they have done to this country and your bank accounts since they took power in 2020. Remember on Nov 8th how you have to struggle to buy gas and food or pay your bills. Every action this Obama Puppet has taken has been to destroy America. These people are arrogant and have miscalculated that they have been fighting not against a man or people but against God. The United States Of America has a covenant with God that’s been signed with the blood of Jesus. Nothing they try to do will stop what’s about to happen to them!! All Glory and Praise be to the I AM!

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