Posted BY: Edward R. Zuckerbrod

The guy may have been your kid’s little league coach, or someone you hung out with in high school — a pal with whom you were comfortable hoisting a few beers. Or perhaps she’s a former college roommate, or a congenial business colleague, or a lawyer who represented you earlier in her career. Maybe that person, man or woman, was at one time a dependable neighbor who’d watched your kids while you attended to an emergency.

But if that familiar, trusted person is running for elected office with a (D) next to his/her name, then in the privacy of the voting booth (such as they are now) you must put your personal feelings aside and send that candidate packing. It is your duty to your family, your community, and your country to wholly and decisively reject the destruction that Democrats are inexorably pulling us towards — even the ones falsely portraying themselves as “moderates.”  

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This November 8 may very well be the last chance to peacefully and constitutionally ward off nationwide catastrophe.

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