Absentee ballots for blacks were down from 147,539 in 2020 to 47,830

Posted BY: WND

Democrats are getting some warning signs in the mail. Voting data in the key states show that mail-in voting, which traditionally favors Democrats, is down. In-person voting, meanwhile, will likely continue to be dominated by Republicans.

Take, for example, my home state of Pennsylvania. In 2020, there were 1,564,483 ballots cast nine days out from Election Day. As of Sunday, nine days out from the midterm election, there were only 777,309 ballots cast. That’s a drop of more than half. And it is even steeper for traditionally Democratic voting groups like black voters. In 2020, approximately 147,539 black Pennsylvanians voted at this point; now, it’s only 47,830.

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This is the first midterm election in Pennsylvania with no-excuse mail-in voting (that is, voting absentee without having to provide a reason for doing so). Act 77, which legalized the practice, was enacted in 2019.

Democrats might take comfort from GOP vote-by-mail numbers suffering an even steeper drop-off than Democrats, but it’s a cold comfort. Remember, Democrats are increasingly dependent on mail-in voting. Biden won mail ballots by 53% in 2020 in Pennsylvania. Extrapolating through Election Day, it looks like there will be no more than 1.3 million early ballots cast this year. Even if we assume that Democrats will exceed their 2020 margin of victory in the mail this year due to Republican drop-off, that would give Democrats an approximately 780,000-vote lead from mail ballots. That’s probably not enough.

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