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The Pelosi family, the courts, the fake news media, Big Tech, and Democrats don’t want David DePape’s story to be heard. 

What are they afraid of?  What are they hiding?

Ten days ago police arrived at the Pelosi home in San Francisco after 2 AM.  They reportedly arrived on a wellness check, not a robbery.  When the door opened the police reportedly saw Paul Pelosi and David DePape.  The police did nothing until DePape allegedly pulled a hammer from the much older Pelosi and allegedly hit Pelosi on the head.

The story is full of holes.  How did DePape get near the house without the cameras, security, police, and motion detectors locating him and stopping him?  How did DePape enter the house without someone notifying the Pelosi?   How did he know to go upstairs to see Paul Pelosi?  Why did Paul Pelosi answer the door and then walk back to his attacker?

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