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Fox News host Tucker Carlson called for an end to the use of electronic voting machines Tuesday night, citing issues in Arizona where nearly one-fifth of the machines broke down.

At least 20% of tabulation machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, malfunctioned, leading Republicans to file litigationseeking extended voting hours. A judge denied the request.

“I feel so sorry for you, Bret, and Martha, because it will probably be a very late night for you, and a tense one. And it points up the problem. Look, the country is really closely divided in a lot of places,” Carlson told host Bret Bair. Pennsylvania is one. Nevada is another. Arizona. Lots of different places. And so, you’re going to have close election results…People have to have confidence that those results are real, that they can trust the mechanics of the election. And what happened today in Maricopa County, where some huge percentage of voting machines, electronic voting machines, according to The Arizona Republic, 30 percent, they claim these are Dominion voting machines, but it almost doesn’t matter.”

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