Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The 2022 Midterms are not over.  Crooked election actors are still counting in multiple states. 

The US House race is not over.  Races across the country should have been counted and called two days ago on Tuesday night.  When the counting is still taking place it becomes clear that something nefarious is going on.

Americans can no longer be sure that their votes are safe, secure, and not stolen.  

Regardless, here are the current results in the US House race.

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Per CNN, the GOP leads with 209 wins compared to the Dems’ 191.  The country is red.  It is way red!

There are no valid excuses for the delays in counting.  None.  One race in Montana, District 1 where Republican Zinke is up by 3.3% with 99% of the votes counted, has not been called.  It’s clear that this race is going to the former Nave Seal and US Secretary of Interior under President Trump, but the race hasn’t been called.  This will make that map even redder.

NBC projects that the GOP will win the House 222- 213.

The country is red.  Americans want peace and prosperity, two things this administration is not concerned with. 

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