Posted BY: Alicia Colon

Donald J. Trump was our 45th president and in spite of the unbelievable hostility he faced in the mainstream media, Hollywood, and all public forums, he did a very good, possibly the best job for the country.

Yet TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, still exists and I just can’t figure out why, so if you can explain what you have against Trump, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Since the over-hyped red wave did not happen on Nov. 8, Trump is being blamed for sabotaging the election. Articles by Never-Trumpers and the usual suspects in the lamestream media are flooding the news and unfortunately, many disheartened MAGA voters don’t seem to recognize that TDS is still the modus operandi for the left.

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The fact is that Trump has had a huge target on his back since he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. Like many other conservatives, I thought this was a joke but his primary win and his debate performance besting our first choices was no fluke and destroyed our negative first impression. Our favorite president in our lifetime, Ronald Reagan, was a movie star, and Donald Trump was a TV star, but could he be for real? Could he be what this country needed? The unequivocal answer is Yes.!

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