Posted BY: Matthew G. Andersson

Since 1979 I’ve been a registered Republican.  I was optimistic like so many other conservatives that a “Red Wave” would reflect a learning behavior from the larger public in the current voting cycle, a change in perception given the overwhelming flood of not only bad policy from the Left, such as mass illegal immigration but outright incompetence in fiscal and monetary policy.

While I was skeptical of an actual surge among America’s largest political party — the non-voters — I didn’t want to be creating defeatism in my local community by pointing out some unpleasant facts: the GOP at least, is not playing the same game as the DNC, and as the rules have been changed, so will the results. 

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These structural modifications to voting — created under the pretext of biosecurity in 2020 and largely organized tactically at a state level by the political law practice of Perkins Coie — cannot be overcome by wishful thinking about an effective “populist” uprising.  Modern Americans simply don’t do organized revolt any longer, and certainly are not up for any sort of “revolution,” or even mass protest (which is why the J6 Committee exists as an intimidation tactic) at least as long as they adhere to a representative republic rather than direct democracy.

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