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Editor’s Note: Dr. Vernon Coleman is one of the most canceled men in the world. As a doctor, he is dangerous to Pandemic Panic Theater. Therefore, he must be silenced by the powers-that-be who have banned him pretty much everywhere on the internet. In his latest monologue, he delivers major truth bombs. As usual. Here’s the video and the transcript:

Transcript: It’s November 2022 and this is video number 317.

So, they’re now going to give the useless and toxic covid-19 jab to infants. They’re going to add a jab that doesn’t work and isn’t safe to an aggressive, untested, officially promoted program of mass medication; the most alarming, experimental, and grandiose example of centrally approved child abuse in human history; a program that I believe has done infinitely more harm than good; a drug administration mania that should have been halted decades ago by the medical profession, and would have been if the medical profession hadn’t been bought by the drug industry; an untested experimental schedule that would have warmed the evil heart of Josef Mengele. Is it more dangerous to give the mRNA jab to babies whose mothers were jabbed before or during pregnancy or while they are breastfeeding? No one knows.

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