For years, bishops have told traditionalists that there is room for everyone in the United Methodist Church…’

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(Headline USA) The United Methodist Church moved toward becoming more woke and homosexual-affirming during U.S. regional meetings this month that included the election of its second openly homosexual bishop. Conservatives say the developments will only accelerate their exit from one of the nation’s largest Protestant denominations.

Each of the UMC’s five U.S. jurisdictions — meeting separately in early November — approved similarly worded measures aspiring to a future of church where sexual deviants “will be protected, affirmed, and empowered.”

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They also passed non-binding measures asking anyone to withdraw from leadership roles if they’re planning to leave the denomination soon — a category that almost entirely includes conservatives moving toward the exits.

The denomination still officially bans homosexual marriage and the ordination of any “self-avowed, practicing homosexual,” and only a legislative gathering called the General Conference can change that.

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