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The Biden Administration is desperately trying to restore its failing $400 billion student loan forgiveness plan after it keeps getting blocked by federal judges. 

According to a legal filing, the Biden Administration plans to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the president’s canceled student loan debt program. 

In the court documents, President Joe Biden is warning the Supreme Court that if they don’t reverse the cancellation of the plan, then millions of Americans will face a financial burden when the payments are scheduled to start again in January. 

The White House is doing all it can to revive the program that would give $10,000 in federal student debt forgiveness to those with incomes of less than $125,000, or households earning less than $250,000.

The Biden Administration asked a New Orleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th circuit to temporarily hold a lower court’s ruling that found the Department of Education exceeded its authority with the debt forgiveness program.

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“This court should not permit the elimination of debt relief to so many Americans in need based solely on two individuals’ claim that the program did not go far enough,” the Department of Education told the appeals court in a statement. 

Last week, a U.S. District Court in Texas blocked Biden’s heavily funded plan on the account that it doesn’t have the authority to go forward with its program. 

The judge in the case, Mark Pittman, said that Biden’s plan is an “unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power and must be vacated.”