Posted BY: William Manning

On November 8, Republicans were dreaming of catching a red wave that would carry them to victory.  The next day, Democrats snickered at the faint red stream trickling by.  After putting away their surfboards, Republicans scratched their heads in wonder.  Democrats had botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, encouraged inflation with excessive spending, implemented an egregious energy policy, rarely encountered a criminal they wouldn’t coddle, and supported the proliferation of wokeism.  Republicans believed they were dealt a winning hand and were anxious to cash in by flipping blue seats to red.  When the players laid down their hands, there were precious few chips to rake in.  What happened?

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The media conduct opinion polls to inform the public.  Opinion polls “are an assessment of public opinion obtained by questioning a representative sample.”  These polls are also used by the media to generate interest and fuel their narrative.  It is up to consumers to determine whether the information they are ingesting is relevant to ongoing events or entertainment produced to increase ratings and advertising revenue for media outlets.  The media were happy to push the red wave narrative to keep consumers engaged.  Surfboard sales skyrocketed.

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