Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

The “Great MAGA King” — that’s what Joe Biden and others have called Donald Trump, and it’s hard not to embrace the frivolity of the moniker, even though that is not what Dementia Joe’s handlers had in mind.

I’ve never been one for kings.  I enjoy reading about them, as I enjoy reading the history of nation-states around the world.  But I am an American, and as any of my God-fearing, red-blooded countrymen can attest, what runs through our veins includes a natural predisposition toward overthrowing the privileges of the monarchy.

It has been said since his time that had President George Washington so desired, he could have established an American monarchy and become king.  Instead, he self-consciously chose to follow in the footsteps of Cincinnatus, who took complete control over the Roman Republic during a time of invasion two and a quarter millennia earlier, only to relinquish his tremendous powers upon victory and return to his humble farm.  So, too, did Washington return to Mount Vernon after only two terms in office, and the precedent he set for his successors restrained their tenures as well until FDR’s four consecutive presidential victories prompted passage of the 22nd Amendment’s constitutional enforcement of Washington’s republican virtue.  Our first president’s uncanny wisdom helped build an American nation dedicated to principles that exist beyond dutiful loyalty to any one man.

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