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Blanca Arellano traveled 3,000 miles to finally meet her online boyfriend after sustaining a long-distance relationship for months. What was supposed to be a romantic first meeting quickly turned into a gruesome tragedy as the woman was murdered, decapitated, and her body dismembered by the killer who harvested her organs, according to authorities.

For months, Mexican citizen Arellano had an online relationship with Juan Pablo Jesús Villafuerte from Peru. The couple reportedly struck up a relationship through online video game groups during the pandemic. In July, 51-year-old Arellano finally decided to meet 37-year-old Villafuerte in person and traveled 3,000 miles to Peru.

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Arellano’s family believed that “their relationship was going very well,” according to her niece Karla Arellano. However, all communications between Arellano and her family back home in Mexico completely stopped on Nov. 7.

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