Posted BY: Christopher Chantrill

After the indecisive midterm election, it is time for everyone to be doing thumbsucker pieces. Former President Trump had a couple of thinkers over to Mar-a-Lago — Ye West and Nick Fuentes — for a chat. Nick Fuentes? But he’s a far-right conspiracy theorist last seen at Charlottesville! OMG! You should see the outrage on lefty Twitter.

Roger Kimball is more worried about “Highways to Utopia” such as the destructive dynamism of the Marxists and Wokists, the possibilities of technological Armageddon, and the ever-present threat of genetic engineering.

Yep, with all that stuff, there’s no doubt it’s the end of the world — particularly when a far-right conspiracy theorist gets into range of Trump.

But my imagination sees three things that are going to affect traffic in the near to middle-distant future.

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